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 Anoshie Ratnayake, MD, MPHSONY DSC


I graduated from Stanford University with Honors in 1997. At Stanford I studied Human Biology, with a focus on Neuroscience and the Mind/Body Relationship. I studied biology interwoven with philosophy and completed a Minor in Psychology. While at Stanford, I also spent two summers in Sri Lanka, where I learned acupuncture and Ayurveda and became certified in acupuncture. It was in the acupuncture clinic that I saw that wellness was a function of several factors and that there was not just one treatment for everyone. While I no longer practice acupuncture, this foundation gave me a deeper understanding of health and different facets of the human body.

keckAfter completing my undergraduate training at Stanford, I attended medical school at University of Southern California (USC) Keck School of Medicine where I received an excellent foundation in conventional medicine. Working in a large academic research center and the busy Los Angeles County Medical Center introduced me to a wide array of medical conditions and different scientific approaches to medicine and health.
After completing medical school, I pursued a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at the Harvard School of Public Health. At Harvard, I focused on international health and population studies. There I continued to better understand the impact of community development, education, and psychosocial factors on health. I also began to better understand the epidemiology of disease as well as how biology and environment interact to produce illness and health.

Harvard School Of Public Health


Residency and Fellowship

After completing my MPH at Harvard, I completed my Pediatrics residency at University of Texas Southwestern and UC Irvine. I truly enjoy working with children and was able to see that children are not just small adults, in many aspects including health.

Clinical Research

After completing my residency, I joined West Coast Clinical Trials Global and was involved in clinical studies focused on the development of novel medications for asthma and allergic rhinitis. Working in the clinical trials industry has allowed me to keep abreast of the latest development in pharmacologic treatments for asthma and allergies.

I have been involved in several types of research, including public health research and clinical trials pharmaceutical research.

I have served as an Investigator in pivotal clinical trials for many of the allergy nasal sprays currently on the market, including Omnaris nasal spray and Astelin/Astepro nasal sprays. I have also been involved in clinical trials for several types of treatments for difficult to control asthma – including Advair, Symbicort, and Xolair. Working in the clinical trials industry has given me insight into how medications work and what makes a medication a good medication, and what it takes for a medication to make it to the market. I continue to serve as a Principal Investigator for new medications through my work at West Coast Clinical Trials Global.

Back at USC

After completing my pediatrics residency, I pursued my Allergy/Immunology fellowship at USC. During my fellowship I continued to do research on asthma and allergies, both pharmaceutical research as well as community-based interventions, particularly for addressing childhood asthma locally and globally.

Life Today

After completing my Allergy fellowship, I joined an allergy private practice group. I currently practice Allergy in Southern California at The Allergy Asthma and Respiratory Care Medical Center located in Costa Mesa, Long Beach, and Cypress.  I also continue to serve as a Principal Investigator for clinical trials for asthma and allergy treatments at West Coast Clinical Trials Global.

I am am Board Certified in Allergy/Immunology and Pediatrics. I am a fellow of the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology and a member of the Orange County Society of Allergy and Immunology.

In my free time I enjoy yoga, hiking, baking, and most of all spending time with my husband and two kids.

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